Shigin Class

Why don't you enjoy Shigin with us?

Curently, Heisei Ginyu kai(平晴吟友会) is holding a Shigin classes at ZOOM.

We are looking for friends of Shigin.

Becouse it is in the middle of the new cornavirus,
this is your chance to start Shigin(詩吟) using Skype or ZOOM.
You can take classes while keeping your private life.

The teaching method of Shigin(い吟) by Heisei Ginyu Kai(平晴吟友会) is unique.
even beginners can enjoy and improve in a short period of time.
Listen to the model sing CD
Easy-to-understand pitches with scale symbols and conductors with sheet music!!
You can enjoy the state of the portry contest, sword dance, peortry dance, composition gin(吟), etc.
There are also DVD or YouTube videos.

It is a characteristic of Haisei Ginyu kai(平晴吟友会)
which is there are so many study materials to learn Shigin(詩吟) in a fun way.

🌸Class Schedule🌸

Biginner① Everyone zoom Wednsday 7PM~ --Full--
Biginner② Everyone zoom Monday 2PM~ ---------
Member only --------- zoom Tuesday 4PM~ ---------
Stockton Member Only in Class Tuesday 1PM~ Closed
Sacramento Menmer Only in Class Fourth Saturday of every month 1PM~ Closed
Hawaii Member Only in Class Secound Saturday of every month 1PM~ Closed


🌸Past Songs🌸

May:Hakuteijo Rihaku / 白帝城 李白

April:Kawanakajima RaiSanyou / 川中島 頼山陽

March:Kawanakajima RaiSanyou / 川中島 頼山陽

February:GuSei Shuki / 偶成 朱熹



🌸Listen to Shigin 🌸